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I/O Lense Problems!

I'm not gunna lie I had a ton of issues with my lenses last year. I had 2 sets of red sol-x mirror somehow get moisture between the lenses which left a pitted look and greatly effected visibility. Luckily I am friend with the shop and they sent them back both times to Smith who replaced them for free but because of the high demand for that particular lense I went most of the year without my sunny day lenses. I have been using a variety of smiths for 20 years but this is my first spherical google that has the edge of the lense exposed. I have never had 1 issue with moisture getting trapped between the lenses until this new pair. My buddy who I do 90% of my skiing with got the POC spherical google and had a similar but not as prevalent issue.

I'm not gunna lie we are doing some serious powder hunting in the BC so we are getting a lot of snow on our googles and the heat from hiking and riding snowmobiles often melts it, but still, never had a problem with my fully framed googles. Had several problems with my spherical lenses.

On a side note, they look bad ass and the field of view is amazing. I would guess if you are not getting face shots all day they might not get that moisture between the lenses.

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You have to hang your goggles up after your day to dry out. I had a similar problem when I left them in a pocket or in the soft case but if I hung em up after skiing they would be fine the whole next day. I think it may have something to do with the wet goggles going through condensation in the bag or pocket. Dry them out and they're good to go!