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I NEEDED these

I actually purchased these off of Amazon because I was a NEWB & hadn't found the HunckNRoll website yet. I learned the hard way how badly I needed knee/shin guards. I hit my 1st MTB trail totally unprepared and came out with a nice bloody gash on my shin to show for it. As soon as I got home I ordered these.

Anyway about the pads. Im 6'01 215 & ordered the L/XL an they fit perfectly. There easy to get on & off, an very comfortable when riding. You kind of forget you have them on. But man when you mess up you'll be glad you have them on! I wear these with the Endura Burner Shorts and they go together perfectly. An look pretty bad ass too. The only concern I do have is the plastic Snap-On component that locks them into place. Its a very thin plastic & I'm not sure how well there going to hold up to wear & tear. I've had a problem the 1st time out with the left side not locking into place. I had to play with it for a bit till I finally heard the locking "CLICK". Not sure if that was the Guard itself or "User Error". I'll update if it continues