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Hurts So Good

After a frustrating journey with different shoes, I think I have finally found the ones for me with the Miuras! I wear an 8.5 in regular street shoes and I got these in a 37, so I sized down 2.5 sizes. So basically, my feet are in agony right now as a break in these shoes! But I know that it is going to be totally worth it once I break these in because even through my agony, I can already tell that I am trusting these shoes the way I need to in order to climb as hard as I want to.

Also, I have EXTREMELY narrow feet. This is the main reason I decided to go with the Miuras, because before this I tried the Katanas and they were NOT a good fit for someone with narrow feet. Having a shoe with laces instead of velcro is ideal so that I can get these shoes as tight as I want to with out any weird bunching or gaps from having velcro straps.

So, even though breaking these in is painful, I am so happy because I finally have a shoe I can trust to climb as aggressive as I want!

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A little update: I have already broken these in enough in these couple weeks that I am not in bad pain on shorter bouldering climbs, which is great. I have noticed that there is a little gap on each side of my ankle towards the top of my foot that is still there no matter how tight I tie the laces just due to the shape of the shoe. Probably wouldn't even be there on people that don't have crazy narrow feet like me. It hasn't effected me while I climb at all though so I am still extremely happy with these shoes!