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Hot Pink Superfeet - Savior for your Feet!

The bottom line - these insoles saved my feet and my love of Ice Climbing, and they'll save your cold winter footsie woes too.

Before owning these insoles, my feet were suffering - the descent back to the car was always excruciating, and my feet would sweat too much and then freeze. I'd have to wear sneakers to work for a few days until my swollen feet healed. At first, I blamed new boot break-in, bad footwork, etc; I tried deodorant and the other usual tricks but a year and two episodes of frostbite (on warm 20 degree days) later I knew something had to change before I ruined my feet. The wicking and insulating properties of these puppies is outstanding, and the shock-absorption forefoot is bliss. Seriously, all my problems went away overnight. I had previously tried my regular green superfeet and the stock boot insoles, and neither did me any good. Sure they're a bit pricey, but they were definitely worth it for me, and you'll get more mileage on these than you would with the same cost in gas.

If your feet get cold and bashed up with good socks and proper winter dress for any winter sport - these are for you. And now i'm a changed woman - going out for dinner in heels after a day on the ice now seems like a fine idea :)