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Horrible lacing system

I ordered these boots back in July and wore them a few times to break them in for a course that I was instructing during the month of September. During the break in period that had no issues and performed great. That was not the case during the course. During 3 weeks in September I wore them while traversing the Talkeetna Mountains in AK and I went through 3 sets of laces (the last two of which were p-cord). The factory laces lasted about 5 days and the other two sets lasted about the same amount of time. All the eyelets except for the two lowest ones might as well be razor blades because they shred laces. I was very disappointed as I have been a faithful vasque boot wearer until now. Other than that problem, which was fairly significant, they were great. Easy break-ins, no blisters and very comfy, but all that was overshadowed by me constantly having to fix the laces.

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Yikes! Boots shredding the laces, eyelets pulling out of the leather because they reduced the number of rivets, and they're now made in China. Help! Direct me to the top-quality Italian-made Vasque boots that I need!

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Jeff, i totally agree with your assessment, QUALITY is what built the Vasque reputation, not cheap price. I bought my first pair of Vasque boots back in the 70's and the damn things lasted for at leat fifteen years !!!! just had to snow seal them every few months. Those boots went everywhere on the Earth.. I finally bought a new pair because they were deemed too heavy by my hiking peers. I'm struggling to find a pair that were as comfortable ( once broken in) and DURABLE as those old pair. It's a SHAME that a company like Vasque doesn't realize what they had.

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totally agree with the lacing system. I was having trouble breaking the shoes in after about 2 months of regular use and i finally tried your lacing system and they immediately fit better. The only downside to this is that about two weeks later the boots sprung a leak and wouldnt keep wetness out in a desert. sent them back to vasque and hopefully i get a refund. I only had the boots for 3-4 months.