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Hooked on Siggs

Sigg bottles are excellent. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and hygienic. I throw mine in the dishwasher occasionally, but usually I rinse it well with hot water and it stays very clean. If you do put it in the dishwasher, be cautious to protect the cap from the heating element--I melted a lid, and though it still works fine, it looks rough and leaks a bit. The only problem with Siggs is that, if you're clumsy like me, you'll drop them, and inevitably, they look like they've been through war. If you ding 'em up just right, you can cause leaks, and the enamel will absolutely peel off. The lids are very threaded, so it can get annoying to unscrew, unscrew, unscrew... every time, but the narrow mouth keeps me from spilling water down my front like I do with my Nalgene. As critical as I am, I really do love my Sigg.