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Ok, Lets all be honest here, these are not the best bladders available. I used these for 11 years before switching to platypus.

They may be slightly more durable than the competition, but I can say with confidence the previous omega bladders that I owned were no more durable than my platypus big zip.

The cap sucks, it tends to leak unless you close it really tightly. Thus, opening the lid later is a struggle.

The bite valve tends to leak, platypus doesn't. The big zip is also lighter.

I was a big fan of Camelbak. I still have my pack, it's been to 3 deserts, many alpine areas, and has thousands of biking and hiking miles on it. Honestly though, now there are lighter, better bladders available. I hope camelbak catches up.

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I completely agree. The Platypus Big Zip is, in my opinion, the superior bladder as of now. I haven't seen the new line of camelbaks that was just recently released, as as the one above, Platypus gets the edge. Though camelbak is a classic bladder, i agree that it has fallen behind.