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Gear Review

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After receiving these, they appeared to be slightly de-spec'd compared to the photos. My friend had 'em last year and they seemed like really nice leather-(broken in).
The coolest detail (which sold me) was the brushed nickel-looking logo badge. GONE. Now you have a cheap looking embroidered patch. (old pics above)

Sizing seems different than the pair of Hestras I own. I have some older size 9 (different model) that are a snug, broken in performance fit, but these 10's, I can barely get my hand and fingers into them. I doubt they would even break-in to the size of my 9's, but the point is I wanted a tad bit more volume than those.
It seems like I would need at least 12's and I'm not a bruiser. I couldn't decide on 10's or 11's when I mulled over them in a shop last year. Wish I bought 'em then.

I really love the Ski Cross design, but feel like Hestra needed to cut costs on this one. Backcountry is really the best for returns, so I'm not complaining to them- just highlighting to the manufacturer, that these don't really look and feel like $100+ plus gloves in person. Also, updating the pics here would be helpful.