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Well at first I loved them they have great rubber and fit well once broken in. I still really want to love them however many problems have occurred to me. First and for most is the heel. I got these in a size 10 and I wear an 11 in street shoes so they should have been fairly tight at first which they were however instead of stretching and filling out the heel they stretch primarily around the toes so even broken in these shoes have too much space for me in the heel and if adjustments are made during a heel hook the heel pops off unless you pull it back up first. Second the velcro is too long and wares out much too quickly. Finally if you to hook much the rubber in this area separates from the fabric after a few weeks. Bought these shoes in May and already have quite a bit of ware the toe rubber I can deel with but the velcro is annoying. The heel is unacceptable for me. On a positive note the rubber is great and the shoes edge on most anything. They smear well and heel hook well while they stay in place.

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alright more updates
the shoe is falling apart
rubber separating from the upper
velcro tearing
and heel is finicky
I had to pull it back on during a heel hook at last chance route to the right of swept away
rubber awesome but the shoe is horrible
had such potential
fit my fore foot perfectly and was great for everything aside from heel hooking.