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Gear Review

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Hipbelt Note

I never actually used this pack, but my friend did on 20 trip to the Wind Rivers. The hipbelt on his back broke in each side where some plastic attaches it to the frame. Major gear failure. Luckily enough was still attached for us to finish the trip, but we could have easily been SOL.

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This was a design flaw on early versions of this model. It has since been fixed on any packs now available, and Gregory will replace the hip belts on all affected packs for free.

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I'm a women also interested in buying the Gregory Deva 85 of very similar design which also has various reviews about the hip belt breaking. Very discouraging and in turning now looking to buy the osprey xenon 85.100% Gregory had solved this issue? How do you know that your pack was manufactured after Gregory solved this issue?