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Higher-end Jib deck.

I rode the 154W as my primary board this summer riding park on Mt. Hood. It excelled on the rails and jibs, but got a little loose on the bigger jumps and bumpy conditions. More responsive that your average reverse camber, possibly due to the carbon-fiber in the tips, but still felt fairly soft. Its actually a flat camber which I liked on the rails because it had a skateboard like feel.

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If you could change one feature of this board to reduce how loose it was on the bigger jumps and bumpy conditions - what would you do? Would you make it a little stiffer?

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Put a little camber in the mix! However, it's pretty hard to have a one-board quiver. I don't think I would really change anything about the Machete, because it performed very consistently on the rails and mid-size features which is exactly what I expected. If someone wanted more response or stability on bigger features that the camber would provide, the Machete GT would be the answer.