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Gear Review

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Heater Gloves? No. 3-finger? Yes.

I bought the Hestra Heater Gloves two years ago. I bought them after having a GREAT experience with the heli-3 finger glove, which I simply loved. However, they wore out (the liner) after four years. (I wasn't aware I could go on the Hestra website and order a new liner, but I will). The outer shell is worn but still in great shape!
Anyhooo-I had received slight frost bite in two of my fingers on my right hand years ago and this was my concern. I'm a ski host at Snow Bird and I'm out in the cold for the better part of 8 hours on the days I host. I appreciate gear that works and exceeds my expectations, especially when it comes to warmth. I bought these heated gloves, predicated on the performance of the 3-finger, which was awesome.
Last year, the first year I used them, they worked good enough. I was disappointed in the battery life- and I was aware of using them on the lowest setting for as long as I could, then bumping them up when needed, etc- as the directions recommend. They did work pretty well, but for the price, eh, I was okay with them. However, this year? Well, they just don't work as well. I would not buy these. However, I WOULD buy the three finger and use the money saved for adult beverages after your ski day is done.
A few minutes ago I ordered the Hestra Army glove and I'm excited to try them out. If they are as good as the 3-finger glove, I'll be more than happy with their performance. And as I said, I'm ordering a new 3 finger glove liner so I'll hopefully have 2 Hestra products I'm excited about using. I will be taking back these Heater Gloves when I'm on the Backcountry side of town (live in Sandy Ut). I feel these aren't a true representation of the quality or reliability Hestra provides.