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Hard Charger fo' sho'

  • Gender: Male

Just ripped on the Lobo and felt sorta bad about it ( but deserved rip to be certain). So, to achieve my inner balance, I'm writing this review that merits 5 stars....
The likes: the hydration compartment has a loop to hang the bladder! So that's a nice start. Material seems....flimsy. But not so! It's wicked tough for how light it is. The pack's capacity is above average and has just enough pockets in the right places. Keep in mind I'm writing this review as a mountain not having pockets or loops along the waist strap is a good thing, because that's the last place you want weight. I've loaded the Charge down purposely to see how well it does under load. The Charge does not shift when I shift my body around on my bike from the attack position to back over my rear wheel on drops. Stays put and that's what you want. I'm looking for dings on the Charge and can't find one yet. So great purchase.