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Gear Review

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Half good, Half bad

After owning a Petzl (alongside many others such as black diamond) for years without a problem, I decided to make another investment in a nice headlamp. The Duo is good in the fact that the LED's are extremely bright and cover a nice big area close up, the fact that it's waterproof, it's comfortable even with 4 AA's, and it's a Petzl, so you know it's good. The bad part is that the Halogen bulb was the reason for the purchase, and it's not nearly as bright as it's claimed to be, unless you run lithium batteries($$$). Also, its focus leaves much to be desired in regards to pinpointing at a distance and even, well-spread lighting close up. Not nearly as impressed with this halogen as I was with my MYO5, which is basically a spotlight/floodlight for your head. If you can find a myo5, buy it instead.... has the led's as well as the halogen, it's cheaper, brighter, and weighs half what this one does.