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Ha-Ha-Ha Burton.....I get the Joke

Okay, so this is why women sometimes don't get the cred we deserve standing in the lineup on Palisades in Squaw. It's because some ditsy girl is going to show up wearing these pants.....the fit, color and material is all fashion and looks with nada for function. If you want to just hang out at the mountain and look good, buy these pants. They really look great on and they feel like a favorite pair of jeans. Waterproof or, I'm dubious to think even water-repellent, they certainly are not. These will get soaked with moisture and very heavy and wet (then they'll bag and you'll look like every other 16-year old boy). The skinny fit? Fine as long as you don't want to actually crouch down, tuck, pull an aggressive turn, put your skis up on edge, or er...actually SKI or SNOWBOARD in these pants.

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Did you actually purchase and use these pants? Your review seems to just be a scathing commentary on the slim fit and fashion conscious design. I'm curious if you had a repellency problem in a real world situation. Did you also have real limitations in movement due to the fabric? If so, can you please describe?

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Hi MZajic:
I sure did purchase these pants and had them on. I laughed all the way out of the bedroom and my husband was cracking up too. I'm a pretty serious skier (tho I AM a Mom as my tagname states) and these were ridiculous for serious skiing simply because I couldn't actually squat in them. I am 5'7" and weigh 145-150 pounds with athletic build (okay I have big thighs) so I was dissappointed with 1.) Fit and 2.) the flimsy material that in no way would keep out moisture. Not a performance pant by any means, which is the point I made in the review.
I would say (and I think I did) that these would be fine wearing to 1. Sushi appetizers at the mountain around 4:00 PM or 2.) Picking up and dropping your kids off at Ski Team.

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Did you actually wear them out of the house and onto the slopes? And if yes; did they stay warm and dry?