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Gear Review

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I got this setup because the reviews were killer. The disappointments started when it was delivered. Backcountry ships the Kelty Kitchen box in another brown box just slightly bigger than the Kelty box. Well, the Kelty Kitchen is packed pretty tighly in its own box (not to mention quite awkwardly as well), so when shipped, I'm sure tons of boxes get stacked up on top of it, and it cracked the top of the table before it made it to my door. I needed the kitchen that same week though, so I tried it out with the crack anyway. I'm glad I did so I didn't have to return it twice. The functionality is way off. I love the size and the idea of the setup, but if you're going to use this to cook with an outdoor stove, you CANNOT fit a stove on top with a small propane tank, and use the windshield. I don't care what kind of stove you have - the logistics just don't work. You could run a line to a large propane tank, and just use the stove and windshield up top, but unless you have an extra, large propane tank in the woods with you when you realize the small one won't work, you're SOL. We ended up having to cook sideways so it wouldn't topple backwards off the kitchen top. The bag is very thin and cheap, and tore way too easily. All around hated this set.