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Gear Review

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Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I HATE saddle bags and I've been looking for a product like the Caddy Sack for a few years now. LOVE this thing! I switch between road and mtb and it's really nice to have a stocked kit that lives in the gear bag and is able to hold everything I need for both bikes - just grab and go. I used to use ziplock sandwich bags to hold my essentials, but once packed, they would always feel bulky and never had the right proportions to fit nicely in my jersey pocket. My Caddy Sack is stocked with a road tube (an mtb tube might be a bit too big to fit), tire levers, a patch kit, compact multi-tool, 2 CO2 cartridges & CO2 chuck - you have to get a little creative with how you pack it, but it all fits with ease with a little room left to spare. Once packed, it fits in the middle pocket of all my jerseys comfortably and with ease - I've got stuff from Capo, Craft, Performance and LG. On my euro jerseys the top of the bag does poke out a bit, but it's maybe a quarter inch, if that. No big deal. The Caddy Sack is not bulky or obtrusive, it sits comfortably on my back and I really don't notice it's there. Big plus that it is well sealed and water resistant - you kit doesn't get soggy when you start sweating. 5 stars - beats a saddle pack any day of the week.