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Gear Review

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Great work shoe

Due to the nature of my job, I have to wear closed-toe shoes at all times (goodbye, days of lounging around in flip-flops!) These shoes, though, are the answer to all my needs and I was ecstatic when I discovered them:
-Lightweight enough to be a camp shoe - these babies weigh basically nothing (especially in a ladies size 5)
-Sturdy enough to stand up to running, climbing up shelving, and standing (pacing) around in all day

The lack of support meant that my feet were *really* tired the first few days, but after that initial break-in period, I wouldn't go back to trainers or other shoes. They also don't look too goofy, which was my main qualm with VFFs. Highly recommended - Merell shoes in general rarely fit me because I have an extremely high instep, but these babies fit like a glove (ha ha.)