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Great while it lasts, but it won't last long

When I first got this tent I loved it!!! Lightweight, roomy and holds up in wind and heavy thunderstorms in the mountains. But now that I've had the tent for 5 years, I am disappointed. I'm an average user. I used the tent on summer/fall weekends and long backpacks 1x a year. The tent is falling apart now!!! Zipper doesn't work and holes are appearing in the fabric, especially where the tent fabric attaches to the bathtub floor. I have taken care of the tent - cleaned it out and never put it away wet. Washed it with a hose 3x. Durability on this tent stinks. With a price this high, a tent should last longer! Finally... I called Black Diamond asking if I could send it in for zipper repair and pay for it myself. NOPE Black Diamond doesn't repair it. Don't buy this tent if you want it to last 10 years.