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Great travel backpack!!!

It's a great pack even though mine is the Redwing 44 not the 50. I can carry this bag onto a plane every time. Very durable (even though I'm rough with it) provided that no more than three days' worth of winter clothes were packed. Love the panel-loading design as it's quicker to access stuffs inside. Only problem is that the non-removable waist-belt would be a pain if I''m prancing around town during the day (when I don't use that belt). Great travel backpack.

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Description says the waist belt is removable... but you say it's not. Can you confirm it's not?

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It appears the waist belt is not removable on the most recent model. My Redwing 50 M/L arrived today. The stay runs through the belt so removing it is not the option it was on earlier models in which velcro held the waist belt in place. Also, there doesn't seem to be the opening for a hydration tube to pass through that the earlier models had. At least, I haven't found an opening yet.

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The waist belt is in fact removable. Open the main compartment, undo the velcro, and pull the stay up, and then you can remove the waist belt. That part is easy, the hard part is getting the stay back into the small slot on the waist belt to re-secure it. Not too hard, but a little frustrating.