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Great tent - No WAY a 4-man tent

I have to give this 4 stars simply because it is ridiculous to advertise this as a 4-man tent and I think I prefer outside poles on a tent. I am 6' 2" and if my clone is in the tent with me, we call this a two-man tent. Just compare floor dimensions to lots of other tents and you will see that the 4-man claim is bogus. I recently dug the tent out in the morning where the snow was more than 1/2 way up the side walls. From inside, the tent shape, size, etc. was still just fine. I have to be careful not to stake the vestibule too tight or it makes the zipper a bugger to open and close in the snow. I love the internal twist things for the poles. However, I give mixed review for the internal poles in general. I wear glasses, so when I need to dive into the tent to set it up in the dark in a blizzard, I have to have a head lamp on inside and my glasses fog immediately, so getting the first two poles set up in the corners is an exercise in blindness. Poles on the outside with clips is an all-around better solution in my opinion, but the poles on the bombshelter are good and strong and the tent pitches real tight which I like.

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Giving a review 4 stars simply because it doesn't meet "your" expectations of size is kind of silly. It "sleeps" 4 okay and I believe most sizes of tents are based on sleeping rather than "living" in it.