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Gear Review

5 5

Great, sturdy tent

This is a great tent that is quite spacious. It has fit myself, husband and our five kids fairly comfortably. Or myself with a cot, pack n' play and two young children. Or four rambunctious boys and all their luggage and toys.

The two vestibules are large and I have stored our Chariot Trailer in a vestibule at night, amongst the shoes.

I can set the Halo up in a matter of minutes with my two oldest boys. Rainfly is a little tricky for a short person.

In nice weather sleeping without the rainfly is awesome, it's so nice to look up at a clear starry sky with the night air blowing in.

We have faced lots of inclement weather in this tent. It weathers thunderstorms with ease. I've never had condensation issues and we've camped in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas in it. There was one awful storm in which we did have to take the tent down (rocky area and we couldn't stake it down properly). We were lake front and there were recorded 55-60 mph winds. The poles were slightly bent. We got the tent down and spent the remainder of the night in the truck. Several campers left the campground and many tents were destroyed during the storm.

Just recently the Halo made it through a snow storm. We had 8-10 inches of very wet, heavy snow. Four boys slept in it and didn't do a great job keeping the snow off the top. The poles bent in two places but made it thru seven days of rain, sleet, snow and ice. (At the end of the trip we were able to straighten the poles somewhat).

I would highly recommend the Marmot Halo to anyone interested in a spacious tent that can stand up to a variety of weather. The quality is impressive, and the abuse Mother Nature has thrown it's way is a testament to that. And for what it's worth, I really like the color.