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Gear Review

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Great small shovel

My girlfriend and I mostly ski in the Sierra. If you don't ski the sierra, let me tell you, Snow here is HEAVY. Avy debris and consolidated snow is therefore also heavy and heavier than, oh, say, Utah or Wyoming.

I bought my girlfriend this shovel, because she is 5'3 and thought a smaller shovel would work better for her (allow her to more quickly dig my a-- out of an avalanche without hurting her back). I am now a convert, and downsized to a BD transfer 3 shovel, but I really like her Mini's shape better. Digs great snow caves, dug out my car three times with it. If you live in a place with a heavy snowpack, give this and other smaller shovels a serious though. This is one of those pieces of gear that when you need it most, it performs best.