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Great sleep for low weight

Just finished 25+ days on the Long Trail in Vermont with this pad. I have the 72" paired with the MH Phantom 45 bag. I'm a little over 6'.

This pad is different from other BA pads. It's made of a polyurethane vinyl rather than the standard nylon. I liked this because it would keep my sleeping bag in place, instead of twisting up like a telephone cord that I might otherwise get. It is actually similar to my BA sleep system, minus being tied to the pad if you want to sit up. Also, it doesn't feature BA I-beam construction. It makes the pad a bit more difficult to deflate (I found if I hold it up, roll it down till the chambers fill, fold it over and press air out, then repeating rolling, etc., is the easiest way to deflate) and less stable as far as the chambers rolling on each other, but it also means you have less to blow up. So those negate each other in my opinion.

As far as durability, this pad hasn't shown any issues. Since getting back home, I've washed it and didn't notices any signs of stress. Cleaned up really nicely, and didn't notice much prolonged moisture buildup from blowing it up on a daily basis out on the trail.

I slept really well on this pad, in comparison to others using 3/4 length thermarest pads. I could sleep comfortably on my back, side, or front without a problem. Worked well for temps creeping down into the low 40's and upper 30's at night.

The key with BA pads is to blow them up fully, lay on them, and open the valve. Deflate the pad until you're comfortable or just before you begin to touch the ground. This way you maximize the 2.5" of cushion.