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Gear Review

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Great size, wish this came with more wearing options

This is a useful, basic (passport) size for a hidden travel wallet. I have worn out my moneybelt and have been in the market for another -- or another option.

Unfortunately, I rarely wear a (pants) belt when travelling. However, with some modification, this can work with pants/shorts buttons (attached through the button with the wallet flipped back into the pants) -- or even attached with a safety pin as I saw on another website's review.

Additionally, women could wear this attached to their front-closing bra or even attached through the bra strap and then tucked under the band. Both of those options could work well for me, as sometimes I get tired of wearing a money belt on my stomach/hips.

This "undercover hidden pocket" is a convenient size that I wish more moneybelt/pockets/wallets used. It's a far more convenient size than Eagle Creek's silk undercover Bra Stash.