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Gear Review

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Great shoe, short life

I bought a pair of these last May. Since then I've worn them to the crest of the Andes, several sierra summits, and worked and lived in these shoes. They are an awesome all around light shoes. But they do have problems. Being waterproof-breathable, they are actually neither. Out of the box they cause your feet to sweat in any moderate climate, and tend to grow that wet gore-tex smell. After about 150 miles the main flex point at the ball of the foot wore out on mine and turned into little gills. The rubber rand became a small cup for water and sand and the gore-tex wore through in striated wrinkle lines. So by July I had shoes that weren't waterproof but breathed nicely. The other gore-tex areas of the shoe can hold up to the occasional light splash of snow or water, but any sustained precipitation saturates the shoe. By the end of summer the soles had begun to de-laminate seriously, but managed to hold on through most of the fall. I continued to do stupid things with these shoes, like lots of chainsaw work and dumping glowing coals on my toes, through january, when the internal structure of the shoe broke and carved a significant hole in my pinky toe during a short run (pinky space was always an issue). So they made it about 9 months to total failure. I haven't hiked in them seriously since September. I think I'll buy something with more durability next.