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Gear Review

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Great shoe, not great rubber

I've been climbing in these for 3 years now and they are still my favorite shoes. I wear a 11.5 street shoe and got a 9.5 in these shoes. It was a bit too tight in the beginning, but the unlined leather has really stretched and now fit my feet really well. They also don't have the stink that any of my other shoes, that I seldom wear, have. One thing to mention, and this is a big deal for climbing shoes. The rubber soles on these just plain suck. I gave up on them after a couple of months use. They sat around for a year, then I decided that they fit so well that I'd shell out $35 to have them resoled with five ten rubber. Huge difference, now I have really comfortable high performance shoes with great rubber for a total of about $110. Go ahead and buy them, but know that you're going to have to get them resoled if you want good friction.