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Gear Review

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Great running gloves

I have worn these since October of 2010 as my cold weather running gloves and also as my hiking gloves. I get sweaty hands pretty easily so I needed something that was going to be warm enough to keep my hands from freezing on a long run, but also not over heat them. These do an excellent job of doing both. They conform to my hand great so there is no baggyness flopping around, they also fit well under a shell but will stay put on your hand if you go to take your outer glove off (which could be a good thing, I like it.) I have worn them hiking in the snow a few times and they kept my hands pretty warm even when I had an ice axe in my hand or was using trekking poles. When they got wet, all I did was wring them out and put them in my pocket to dry out or at least warm up a bit. When I pulled them out I was surprised that they were almost dry. The gloves wash well which is nice especially after wiping snot off of my face after running or hiking all day! I haven't dried them yet though, usually just set them on top of the dryer. I will be buying two more pairs as back ups!