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Gear Review

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Great protection

I use this cover with the Deuter Kid Comfort III.

If there's any chance you'll be out in the rain, get this rain cover. The rain cover fits over the sun shade and goes down to the very bottom of the carrier and can be used with the stand in or out. I have no trouble using the cover with the stand out.

The instructions don't say where to attach the cover clips, but it you look closely on the Kid Comfort, you'll see some fabric loops on the waist belt and some loops just above the headrest for the top of the rain cover. Don't be afraid to stretch the cover the first time or 2 you put it on. At first it is a snug fit, but that's what keeps the wind and rain out so well.

I haven't had a problem with wet feet. My daughter is only 10 months old, so her feet don't dangle below the carrier, so maybe that's why she isn't getting wet feet.

I also don't need assistance to get the cover on. However, you cannot fully put the cover on before putting the child in the carrier. When I put the rain cover on by myself, I take the Kid Comfort off, set it on the ground with the stand out, and put the rain cover on. I have no problem doing so in about 20 seconds.