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Great product

Great light pulley, doesn't do the best job minding prussics. Must have for crevasse rescue though.

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What do you mean exactly by prusik minding. I've just started reading the books and watching the videos on zsystems etc but haven't put any of it to practice. How do other pulleys handle prusiks better than this?

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The Black Diamond Pulley is not designed to mind a prusik, you can see this from the shape (there are no wide side walls). Take a look at the Petzl Pulley for an example:

A prusik minding pulley prevents a friction-hitch such as a prusik from sliding up into the pulley and jamming the system. Alternatively, you can also use a tubular belay device placed in front of the pulley to act as a barrier from the friction-hitch sliding into the pulley. Check out this video for more beta on setting up a z-pulley: