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Great poles but may need extra work for large hands

I was really really looking forward to these poles. I won't waste your time talking about how light, how short when folded (my 110cm folds down to ~14.75" and the included mesh stow bag is about 18" although the slack can be folded over) and how easy it is to fold (and unfold them) these poles. It's everything I was looking for on a ultralight backpacking trip. Well, too bad the wrist straps were way too small for my hands. I have large hands (I wear mostly XL gloves - Hestra size 10s I wear), and the straps attached to my 110cm poles were small/medium! I could not get the strap to fold over enough to velcro it down. I chatted with Backcountry's online help, and found out all pole sizes come with small/medium wrist straps. What sadness.... Update: He (from Backcountry's online chat) suggested I contact BD directly, and they sent me a medium/large strap for free, which arrived in just couple of days! Upon closer inspection, it was pretty easy to swap out the straps. What gladness....!

Great poles but may need extra work for large hands
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Update: Contacted Black Diamond and they are going to send me the medium/large wrist straps for free. Not sure exactly how i can attach it to the grip, but it sounds promising for now.