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Gear Review

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Great piece of clothing

I bought this to serve as a fall/winter jacket more so than a jersey. Jackets always fit too loose and flappy. This fit on this piece is right on, it almost feels custom tailored. I'm considering buying a 2nd!

I wear this with just a short sleeve base in the low 50's, add a ss jersey in the low 40's, just a long sleeve base down to 30 and below 30 add a 2nd base. It's very versatile and warm, not hot. I can't see wearing this much above the mid 50s, but haven't tried, either.

The one thing I'd change is to make the full sleeve wind proof. The wind stopper material ends at the elbow. You can feel the cold air on the forearms, and on high speeds/ big descents you can feel the cold air rushing up the sleeves to your torso. Not terrible, but full wind stopper would be great.