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Great pack, one small problem.

This pack is sheer awesome. More than enough space for all the stuff I would ever need to carry. Quality is top notch, all the zippers are strong, and the pockets are well thought out. The build quality really is second to none.

Now the only downfall here is that the board-carry straps were not all that well thought out. As mentioned below, the top vertical carry strap is just too tight to get around your snowboard if the bag is ~65% packed or more. Secondly, to get the board in the horizontal carry, you need to slide the board through both shoulder straps, which can be a real pain if you have to do it often or if you have bulky bindings.

Both those issues can be solved if you have a decent knowledge on how to sew. I adore this bag and give it 5 stars regardless of the carry. One of few things I feel bad for paying full price for, will be putting it through a ton of snowboard trips this year.

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i agree with oddity and the vertical board carrying. had those straps been even 1" longer (4" total for top and bottom straps), this would have been a perfect bag. As far as the horizontal carrying goes, i don't really see sliding your board through the shoulder straps a huge issue b/c you can just loosen them up so any binding size can fit through easily.