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Gear Review

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Great pack for one specific purpose

I debated whether or not to get this pack for some time. I knew that Arcteryx builds some of the best packs out there, and I THOUGHT i wanted something huge. Finally got over the price and bought it for a trip i took on the AT through the White Mountains. I was stoked on the pack initially. This pack is very near waterproof though I purchased a pack shelter just to be certain. Build quality is second to none, though the zippers Arcteryx used on the pack were a bit overkill I thought, seeing as this is a heavy pack to begin with I think they could have done a few things to cut the weight down as much as possible. My only real complaint with the pack was that every 15 minutes or so it became necessary to readjust the hipbelt. For whatever reason the nylon straps slip on this hipbelt (at least on my pack) When you're hiking up the north side of Mt. Moosilauke in a downpour the last thing you want to be thinking about is adjusting the hipbelt on your pack. At first I didn't think much of this problem but by the end of the trip I was very irritated- This is a VERY EXPENSIVE backpack. One of the most expensive you can buy if I'm not mistaken, and when I drop almost 500 bucks on a product I expect it to be near flawless! Arcteryx really needs to work on their hipbelt issue. (I've heard others complain of slipping hipbelts) Other than this very bothersome flaw in the packs viability the only thing I can say to someone about to purchase it is this, DON'T EXPECT ALOT OF OPTIONS FOR GEAR. This pack was made for someone who wants to get to point A to point B with a truckload of gear and do it comfortably. Aside from the hipbelt the pack does this job well. But if you're someone who wants to thru hike the AT or do any kind of hiking where you're constantly setting your pack down to attend to blisters, filter water, get rain gear, change your socks, don't expect this pack to have lots of small/medium size pockets in different locations for easy access to this gear. There is a large pocket in the brain of the pack, but other than that pouch and the one on the underside of the brain, you're going to be unclipping, unzipping, and unpacking quite often to get at what you want. ASIDE FROM THE HIPBELT this is a very high quality pack built for a specific task and one should keep this in mind if thinking about purchasing it. I would have given it 4 stars but the hipbelt was such a letdown. COME ON ARCTERYX! I EXPECT A $435 DOLLAR PACK'S HIPBELT TO STAY TIGHT!!!!!