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Gear Review

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Great pack, but odd for long torso.

Overall, the Talon is a phenomenal daypack. I use it for day hiking in the Adirondack high peaks area and Mountain Biking. It has plenty of room for 3 season equipment (I haven't tried it in winter yet, and compresses well to adjust to smaller loads. The side pockets are small, especially when the main compartment is full, so Nalgenes are a difficult (though not impossible) fit. My 3L Camelbak fits into the outer hydration area without much trouble. The hydration bladder does pull down on the top of the pack when attached to the loop provided, but it doesn't affect the fit of the pack. It may, however lead to a premature tear of the top fabric down the road. The harness and hipbelt pockets are huge plus, offering access to snacks, gps, camera, etc without having to stop. My only complaint is that there is an odd pressure point in the back panel as a result of using the pack (M/L model) adjusted to my longer torso (21.5"). I have to extend the adjustable back to its maximum position, and it results in a ridge that presses in horizontally on my upper back, where the fixed back panel ends, and the extended back panel begins. I have talked to another hiker with a long torso, and he solved this same issue by going up to the Talon 33, which apparently has a slightly longer back panel.