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Gear Review

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Great minimalist all-around trainer!

First off, this is a great shoe for people who are curious about minimalist shoes for running and any other type of training. It's also casual enough to be worn around town.

Notable Pros:
- There's just enough sole protection to protect from sharp rocks and glass but there's still a great deal of feel. Small sticks and pebbles to cracks in the sidewalk can all be felt.
- The toe box is huge! This allows your toes to splay out and support your steps. This also makes them great trainers for weight training as your leg stabilizer muscles actually have to work.
- Very lightweight, and never interferes with your stride.
- Pretty durable considering the weight and construction. These will definitely need to be replaced after some many months of good use, but at the cost, the value is still very much there.
- Your foot muscles and leg stabilizer muscles will feel noticeably stronger with regular use. Even walking casually around town will increase your strength. No longer will your shoe be doing most of the work.
- Barefoot running technique forced me out of my heel strike that prevented me from running any significant distance. Dare I say, I actually enjoy running long distances now that the pain and knee pressure isn't a problem.

- Even with a midsole with an antimicrobial, this will collect funk after a while, so take care of them and dry them out.
- The inside liner seems to be fraying. This may have much to do with the fact I wear textured SmartWool running socks while running, but it's basically eliminated the possibility of running sock free. If you run primarily without socks, this probably won't be an issue.
- I ordered these to size following advice found on this board. I'd suggest the same, as these aren't meant to be overly tight on your ankle or toes. However, there will be some break in time. This break in time shouldn't be painful or dig into any part of your foot... if this happens you may need to size up.
- The laces are huge! The laces always seems to bounce around and hit my shin as I run as there is so much excess. Easily remedied, but a minor annoyance nonetheless.

All in all, the True Glove is a great introduction to minimalist shoes. If you are a hardcore minimalist, then this may be too much support for you, but I'd suggest giving it a try anyway. I'll definitely be buying another pair. Merrell got this one right.