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Great lightweight boot

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

For the low weight and bulk of these boots, they offer great support and grip in many different settings. Ive been out on the trail with these guys in many different situations from quick summer dayhikes to all-day postholing in 15 degree weather. They keep you surprisingly dry for their light weight and all. I once had to stand in a shallow (3-4 inches) creek for a few minutes to help others across a log bridge and my feet could just barely start to feel the slightest wetness. For a lightweight trail boot that was impressive.

They break in quick and are very forgiving during the process. I do agree with some other people about the clammyness though. Its not something Ive experienced consistently, but if the conditions are right they can get clammy. Nothing thats a deal breaker for me, but it happens.

Fit is great. They dont jam up on my toes too much on steep descents and the ankle support is perfect. I like my boots as flexible and "natural" feeling as possible so I could understand someone thinking the support is a bit light, but they are a light weight boot so hopefully you arent expecting mountaineering type boots here.

Overall awesome boots that have become my go-to for everything.

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if they did get wet, call Gore Tex...I have had a few pair that got wet, leaked from mist, rain etc...and Gore Tex replaced them with WHICHEVER boot I is lifetime guarantee, so you should not have felt any wetness whatsoever. I hike all the time and always hop over a few logs to avoid the swampy giant puddles at my favorite climbing some Zamberlans Gore Tex and now run right through it as friends have to walk around -- feels awesome to stay dry...few times have leaked, sent back and replaced em each time...if you spend time outdoors,. get a pair you like for the use and call if they fail you.