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Great jacket, but read caveats

The jacket itself is unbelievably light, while offering an admirable level of warmth. Initially I was concerned with the strength of the 7-denier, not 15-denier as BC lists, but after inspection that fear has dissolved as long as care is taken. The jacket lofts up nicely once it is taken from the package, shaken out, and the fabric stiffness has worn off. It packs down to nearly nothing, and again weighs even less than you can comprehend.

Now to the potential negatives, but not enough to warrant a downgrade in my opinion, is the fit. Torso length on the jacket falls right around the normal waistline for pants/shorts, if not just above, while the arms are slightly long and baggy. Keeping in mind this is meant as a mid-layer, and that it is down insulation, the short torso makes sense for wearing underneath outer layers, so as not to be exposed. Moreover the function is to heat the body's core, which it does well. Sleeve length is, again, slightly long and baggy, but not to the point of being cumbersome or incurring down compression reducing insulation.

All in all it fits and wears comfortably while offering my expected level of insulation; neither the sleeve length or bagginess impeded wearing it beneath a shell. As long as care is taken with the fabric, i.e. not bushwhacking through underbrush without a shell, it should hold up respectably. It then is the perfect piece for its intended application.