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Gear Review

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Great idea, very poor execution.

I bought this, tried it out and I don't use it. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

The clips to attach the leash to the tool are big and bulky. They only work with tools that have a spike on the shaft rather than in the handle. That is, they cannot work on the petzl nomics. (I extended mine with accessory chord so I could use the spinner with my mixed tools... wasn't worth the effort)

won't drop a tool

*the leash is way too short which means you can't reach high without having to pull up pretty hard. Think resistance training every time you want to reach up.
*when high stepping the leash hangs down low enough to get in the way of your feet.
* when seconding the leashes still get tangled around your top-rope.

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Most people who use this leash and Nomics put a small loop of cord though the hole in the bottom grip and clip into that. If you are climbing lower angle terrain and using the tool in dagger mode then clipping into the head works better since you won't step on the leash as much.