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Great hiking/running shoe

This review is for the previous version of the shoe, as I believe Montrail has now released a newer version for 2012.
So this is my first pair of Montrail shoes and I purchased them because of user-submitted reviews, so I figured I'd do my part by adding to the community. I like to try my gear out for several months before writing a review, since longevity is a crucial factor in determining overall performance and quality. I've beaten these shoes up on rocky, steep terrain in the Cleveland National Forest, the San Gabriel Mountains, the San Bernardino Mountains, and the Sierra Nevadas. I've worn them on muddy trails, in rainstorms, and while scrambling over granite boulders.
I've logged hundreds of miles using them as both a running shoe and a hiking shoe. I'm not sure about the prevailing wisdom on this, but I've used them for overnight hikes and week-long backpacking trips and loved the grip. These shoes give me confidence when I'm hiking straight up a rocky mountainside or when I'm sliding down on my backside. They also fit true to size. I wear a size eleven and these shoes are perfect for me. I wore them straight out of the box on a 14-mile day-hike in Cleveland NF. I highly recommend this product to anybody!

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I hike all the Mtns you've named. changing from Brooks ASR8 s. I definately will get these to patrol the East Fork San Gabriel River. I do alot of Ice House Baldy also. Thanx man.

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I actually want to update this review, and I just noticed I've had these shoes for over a year. Conventional wisdom seems to state that trail runners hold up for about 500 miles, give or take. I probably logged over 700 miles on my first pair and am thrilled with the 'feel' to this day.
These shoes are great for my UL excursions and my trails runs. I am someone who is prone to roll my ankles and twist them, yet I've never had problems in the Masochist. I also switched to using trekking poles, both for additional support, and my tarp.
I guess the highest praise I can give this shoe is I bought another pair. I'm hoping to have the chance to thru-hike the AT in 2014 and this shoe would be my choice thus far. Cheers.