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Gear Review

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Great handlebars

It doesn't get much lighter than this, and these bars are pretty darn stiff, too. Admittedly, the Ergosum LTD does have maybe a bit more flex in it at the very tips compared to the 7000 series aluminum bar that came stock on my Fuji, but I can forgive that because it weighs about 120g less. And I can't really notice any difference in stiffness in the drops, which is where I spend most of my time anyways. Being carbon, it does ride noticeably smoother.

If I was doing it all over again, I'd probably opt for the team edition over the LTD - weight is about 25g more, but you gain the option of mounting clip-ons (ie, tri-bars, etc.), and the price is slightly more reasonable.

All in all, there really isn't anything wrong with the ergosum LTD, and I love the shape of the drop - fairly shallow, but ergonomic. It's a great bar if you typically ride in an aggressive position and want weight as low as possible. But the trade off for not being about to mount tri-bars is a small mark against it IMO, as is the normally sky high asking price (on that note, thanks, bonktown/chainlove!). It looks great, too - I almost feel bad about covering that glossy carbon finish with bar tape.