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Gear Review

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Great goggles!

I love these goggles! I purchased them during the 2011/2012 season and have not had a single problem thus far. I thought the two lenses that came with the goggles were great for flat light and snowy/foggy days. I should mention that in 1.5 seasons I have skied at Big Mountain in MT also known as "fog mountain" a great many times and not had a single visibility problem in the thick stuff. I did notice towards the end of the 2012 season that I needed a lens for bright sunny days. While I wanted to get the polarized lens it seemed to be unavailable for purchase everywhere I looked. So I opted for the Gold Sol-X lens which has been awesome on bluebird days! I wear these over my POC skull light women's helmet and the fit is perfect. I've found that because of the goggles buckle in the back some people may struggle a little to secure the strap with an integrated goggle clip on their helmet though this has not been a major issue for me. I like how the grip strips on the inside of the strap help the goggles stay in place. Changing the lenses takes a little practice but I felt totally comfortable after a few tries. Some may disagree but I don't trust my hands to change the lens while on the chairlift. I also love that if a lens gets seriously scratched it is easy to replace. The Smith website is very helpful in deciphering the difference between some of the lenses. The bag that comes with the goggles is partitioned so when they are in there, the extra lens can be included in the neighboring sleeve. It is amazing what enhanced peripheral visibility can do for ones confidence charging down a mountain. I love the fit with my helmet, the additional visibility on the sides as well as being able to change the lens with the conditions. No complaints, highly recommended!!!