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Gear Review

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Great for the Price

Had the chance to use this thing for a couple weeks now and it's been great. At first I was unsure of the handle design but the finger hole on the handle has become very useful. This mug won't keep beverages hot/cold for very long, but for me it's long enough. I get into work, pour some delicious hot coffee into my Nineteen13, and it stays hot/warm for at least an hour or two. For the price you're getting a burly, practical, very handy mug. Highly recommend it!

As for the "Leak Proof" lid, it definitely does the job. It's a unique design that I'm still unsure of, so I wouldn't put it next to your laptop if it's full. I'm sure it would probably work, but it would really suck if it leaked all over my computer. Either way, it doesn't leak on the train and that's all that matters!