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Gear Review

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Great for newbies

First off... I am a newbie climber. I got my first climbing gym membership 3 months ago, and so I speak from extremely limited experience. With that said, I have been running at this new hobby full-stride, and am learning as fast as I can.
I personally began my climbing with a pair of 5.10 Projects (for bouldering) and a pair of 5.10 Prisms (for top roping in the gym). Both have been great, and having these two very distinct styles of shoes have helped me discover the differences each can make on the wall.

All that said... my girlfriend decided to take up a climbing hobby as well, and went with the Coyotes, since they are by and far the most recommended shoes for newbies. She sized them down slightly (but not way too much), and they have performed excellently... they are a great introduction to the climbing shoe universe.. not too aggressive, good, thick rubber, comfy leather uppers, and full-length lacing. That and they dye your feet a beautiful shade of red after every session.

So, if you are looking to get into climbing and don't want something too aggressive or expensive, go with these! Or, if you want something with a bit more to try, I went with the Prisms, which I would describe as a Coyote with synthetic uppers, a big lip for outside edging, and a pointed toe. Either way, you can't go wrong.