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Great for chilling at the Beach.

I took this to Rio and it kept me amazingly warm on the white sandy beaches. Also it is a great fashion statement...seriously though...if you are wearing this you probably are thinking about how much oxygen to bring! This is like a four season sleeping bag with arms and legs...the gold standard...from what I've heard.!

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This is a great suit for skiing down the green runs at North Carolina's Sugar Mountain.

The bright yellow color acts as a beacon to the rednecks approaching from behind and the artic padding allows those that fail to heed the cautionary warning to bounce off safely and into the surrounding woods, rendering them unconscious for the remander of the day.

However, You have to bring a portable ac unit contained within a backpack and circulate it through the suit, which puffs it up a little more, which of course adds additional critical protection.

So, while not perfect, it's damn close.

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Where do you get the portable ac unit from and how does it work please?