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Great, except...

Awesome fit, super comfy, breath very well, clip in loop for climbing, great lacing system, high rand rubber for climbing in...BUT the rubber is not sticky enough to be 5 star climbing approach shoes. Especially when its wet out, the rubber is really poor! It is adequate when its dry for scrambling, but not when its wet.

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I've found that these do well in almost all dry conditions. Being in BC you're I'm sure much more experienced in the wet. They were sticky enough for me on Limestone, Sandstone and Granite, but I did notice slipperyness on wet Granite. Do you have the yellow one's by chance? They're not as sticky as the Sportiva Xplorers but the comfort more than makes up for it. However, I've not done any long technical or steep slab approaches in them yet.

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I do have the yellow ones, and like I said earlier, great on dry rock, scary on the wet stuff, so heads up! And the wet rock I have tried them on was granite all over the place (Cali, BC, Europe), limestone (Euro) and sandstone in the SW, and my observations hold true. I will say I have done so many miles in them, including taking them up and down el cap a few times and they are still going, so impressive durability for me at least!