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Gear Review

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Great design innovations

The ability to custom adjust the center position of the waist belt is a simple but profound innovation. Ever notice that the front of your harness is centered, but the but the back is slightly off to one side? This is because your unique tightening needs (which also vary depending on weight and clothing changes) are different than the idealized "person" around which that harness was designed. The Quartz CR3 allows you to custom adjust the position of the harness in your optimum tight position -- and is easy to re-adjust when conditions change. I tried on 9 harnesses looking for my next one. All of the BD harnesses failed my expectations for comfort -- because the BD method of attaching leg loops creates pressure points via the metal attachment connecting to the center of the loop, rather than along the edge (and thus out of contact with my leg). A bummer, because I consider the BD harnesses to be the best looking of them all. Maybe CAMP can figure out how to tone down the multicolor splashes -- this wonderful harness reminds me of those once popular Holstein cow patterns. And frankly I may go for the Petzl Corax or Calidris for that reason.