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Gear Review

4 5

Great design, great sound.

Sound wise:
The Bassoon has well balanced mids n highs along with great bass (I'd like more personally but eh it's good enough). I've tried all sorts of headphones by Grado, Shure, Bose, Urbanears, Skullcandy, WeSC, Beats by Dre, Audio Technica, etc. so I have a good idea of what kind of sound quality I should expect for each price range. I'd have to say, the Bassoon is probably best for it's price range. Outside noise is well sealed out. Noise leakage is very minimal also. It looks good and sounds good.

Design wise:
It's very comfortable to use, you can have it on for a few hours without discomfort. The right side swiveling function is very handy for djs. It's well built and seems quite sturdy. (But try not to drop them obviously)

Other things:
The wires provided are excellent, the coiled wire (very long, prolly for musicians/djs) and handsfree wire(just long enough to sit in your pants pocket) are thick and tangle free. Case provided is not a single bit useful. It's very soft(little protection) and it takes forever to stuff the headphones in.

The WeSC Bassoon is probably the best looking pair headphones with such sound quality. Any better sound quality and you'd have to start looking at the ugly professional headphones. It's worth every cent due to good materials for construction, sound quality and looks.