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Great deal!

At this sub-$150 price this is a great deal. I purchased one for mountain biking & skiing. The video looks great & smooth if you have the unit mounted to a decent hardpoint. One of the tests I use for determining video quality is how well the cam adjusts back & forth from light to dark conditions while going fast such as riding downhill in wooded/ridge sections where you are in the dark of the trees one second & then the next you are exposed in direct sunlight. I think the Countour 1080P handles this situation very well. The colors look great too. My opinion is that the colors on the gopro are never saturated enough with a washed out look. The Contour colors are vibrant & pop. Plenty of mounting options. Since there is no viewscreen it took two rides to get the level thing worked out so my POV is where I want it, but the dual laserbeams on the Contour make finding the sweetspot pretty easy. 135 degree POV is nice, better than I was expecting.