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Great but not enough for me

I received these gloves about a month ago in preparation for winter. They are very good gloves. Well made, fit and finish are excellent. However I had to return them for they are not adequate for me. Up here in the Arctic, the windchill can get down to -40s F in a heartbeat and Feb-Mar. is not even here yet. These gloves did not keep my fingertips warm after 10-15 min. in the wind. I own the CG Heli Artic parka and I can stand outside for long periods of time without feeling cold at all. In fact, if I walk 1/2 mi. or more I'll start sweating and have to unzip half way to cool down. These CG gloves are perfect for me in -20 windchill range. If anyone out there has any suggestions for me, please ring in your 2 cents please.

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I lived just outside of Embarrass Minnesota for a few years and it is the coldest spot in the continental US consistently. We would get down to about 40-60 below 0 before windchill for several weeks out of the year. When up there or on mountaineering expeditions I tend to use my RAB expedition mitts, they keep my hands super warm even when the temp dips. Not sure if your in the market for a glove or a mitten, but in my experience, down mittens are always warmer than gloves. It is my opinion when you have something that has high lofted insulation around the hand you lose fine dexterity anyways so it really does not matter. With a mitt, your fingers are all creating exothermic reactions for one another so they tend to be really efficient with regulating heat. If a mitt won't work then try the CG Northern glove it will only cost 100$ more and boasts dexterity as well as extreme warmth. Hope that helps